Service Market 6.1.4

Hello ladies & gentlemen! It’s about time for a fresh new Service Market, isn’t it?

It’s of course filled with Easter eggs, or maybe not. But at least one new requested feature: Order comment chat and mails. First and foremost, a requesting user can now answer his/her approver when they ask stuff, or make weird demands :), so navigate to Manage – Order – My Requests, pick your pending Order, and chat away!

Also, when a requesting user or approver sends a comment, there is now the option to have a notification mail sent to the other party. Turn this on in the Configurator, under the Services tab – General – Send Comment Update Mails.

We’ve also fixed a few glitches – among them the combo box Product Question that in some cases simply didn’t work.

As an experimental bonus feature for the brave ones there is now a *secret* (meaning basically untested) new activity in the AteaSpintop.Activities.Common namespace named OrderToJSON. With this you can serialize the whole order object inside your workflow to a JSON string. Now this might seem underwhelming, but the idea is that you can then throw it to the RunPowershellWithParameters activity and knead the actual Order to your liking, and then use the output from that and deserialize it back by setting the Reverse property. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? … Those of you familiar with the RunPowershell activity will think “But it doesn’t give me a string back!” But it does now (the OutputObjects‘ ToString() all concatenated to one string property: OutputString – to get technical)!

“Well – this is all good and well, but give us a use case will you?” – As an easy example let’s change the domain of all mails sent in the workflow by running the Order serialized to Json through this powershell, and then back:

param (
Write-Output $Json.Replace(“”, “”);

And you can do whatever you want inside the order in the Powershell… you get the OrderId, requesting user, approvers and so on readily available to your fancy scripts just as easy as a call to | ConvertFrom-Json. Have a go and tell us what amazing stuff you make with this… and of course how bad things break when you mess it up!

That’s basically it for this time around! Happy Easter and enjoy installing and upgrading!

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Atea Jumpstart Hydration 1703

Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Jumpstart Hydration 1703


  • Why is it called Hydration 1703?
    • We are adopting Microsoft’s versioning system for continuous delivery.
    • We released this version in March 2017


  • What’s new in Hydration 1703?
    • Windows Server 2016 Compatible
    • SCCM 1606
    • MDT Build 8443
    • Windows ADK for Windows 10 version 1607
    • SQL Server 2016 SP1
    • Client Deployment Complete (CDC) 3.0
    • Jumpstart Web Service 2.7
    • OSD Task Sequence ready for SCCM 1610
    • Images included:
      • Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 x64
    • Hydration Wizard improvements:
      • Bug fixes based on feedback from consultants.
      • The wizard now sets sharing permissions if you use the wizard to create the Hydration share.
      • The auto logon account credentials are now saved from time to time.
    • Hydration Bug fixes:
      • Stability and quality improvements
      • Reporting Services should now work OOB
      • OSD Scripts based on UUID instead of MAC should work better than before
      • PXE boot image download speed is much faster now


  • Why does it install SCCM 1606 instead of 1610?
    • o It is not supported, even though it’s possible, to do a full media installation of SCCM 1610.
    • o However, we do recommend that you immediately upgrade to 1610 from within the console.


  • What are some known issues?
    • Command Support (F8) does not work on the boot image even though it’s checked.
      To fix this, uncheck and apply. Select not to update distribution points. Check the box again, click apply and update the DP.
    • ‘Use this boundary group for Site Assignment’ is not checked by default.
    • PowerShell Cmdlets for ConfigMgr is not the latest version due to a bug in Move-CMObject.
      This is solved in SCCM 1610 and will be upgraded automatically if you upgrade to SCCM 1610.


  • What can I do if I’m having problems with the Hydration 1703?
    • Watch the release webinar available on the ftp and make sure that you understand how to use it.
    • Contact product support describing your issue. We will make sure that it works for you.


A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to his release!

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Atea Vergo 1.6

Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Vergo 1.6

New in Atea Vergo 1.6

  • List Custom Fields
  • Filter Resources on Logical Units/Plans
  • Import Resource Tags
  • Expanded Plans View
  • Bug fixes


List Custom Fields

You will be able to use drop downs as custom fields. This let’s the user chose from a number of predefined options instead of typing a value.

Filter Resources on Logical Units or Plans

It’s now possible to view the resources for one or more Logical Units or Plans.

Select the Logical Units / Plans that you would like to view the Resources for. Right-click and select View Resources.

You will be redirected to the Resource View and a filter for the given Logical Units will be applied.


Import Resource Tags

Vergo will now allow you to import Tags on your resources. Write your tags comma-separated.

After import, the tags are applied to the resource.


Expanded Plans View

We’ve added a new view for Plans – The Expanded Plans View. Vergo will remember your view type selection if you navigate away to another view.


Atea Vergo 1.6 is available now at

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